Annuals events in Slough, Berkshire

Slough is one of those places that is often left off the agenda of visitors to Berkshire. It is a shame as there are fantastic things going on in Slough and the surrounding area.

The area has a packed calendar of fun annual events. Top events include the Canal Festival, the November Bonfire and Fireworks Display and the Horticultural Show.

Slough’s Canal Festival

The Canal Festival is a unique experience. If you are visiting the area from outside the UK, this fantastic display of boats, barges and other water vehicles takes place every year in September and is the perfect day out for the entire family. You may even be able to catch a ride on a canal boat weather permitting.

Slough’s annual Bonfire and Fireworks Display

When you would like your visit to Slough to go off with a bang, you should visit in November. The annual Bonfire and Fireworks spectacular is one of the more exciting and colourful events in the town’s calendar. It is a lovely evening out for both young and old.

Slough’s horticultural show

If this is your first time visiting a town outside of London, you should not miss out on the horticultural show in Slough. The Brits are passionate gardeners. Nothing showcases the Brits love of gardening more than a horticultural show. The local horticultural show is one of the largest shows in the UK. You simply should not miss out on it!

Annual events close to Slough

The Royal Windsor Horse Show

The Royal Windsor Horse Show is one of Europe’s largest outdoor horse shows, with competitions in various disciplines. Even if you are not participating, it is a great show to watch. You can enjoy dressage and show jumping. The show takes place over 5 days every year in May. The best way to describe it is as spectacular. If you are lucky enough, you may bump into members of the Royal Family.

The Henley Regatta

Not a million miles away from Slough, you will find Henley. It is home to one of the world’s most exciting rowing regattas. Finding somewhere to stay in Henley during the regatta is next to impossible. Fortunately, Slough has a good choice of places to stay. The Henley regatta takes place during the first week of July. It is one of most popular local events and it is best to make any arrangements early. You can enjoy a picnic with family and friends, or lunch at one of the local Thames-side restaurants.

Royal Windsor Racecourse

Royal Windsor racecourse has a very packed calendar. Of course, visiting Ladies Day is a real treat but very expensive. Instead of hedging your bets on visiting during peak times, why not check out evening meetings or other events?

Getting to the Royal Windsor Racecourse from Slough is easy. The course itself has plenty of parking and great places where you can dine or enjoy a glass of champagne.

New events are springing up in and around Slough all of the time. This part of Berkshire is also famous for its golf clubs. They also have events going on all of the time. Take a weekend break in Slough, and you may even get a chance to tee off at Wentworth Golf Club.