Famous people from Slough, Berkshire

Are there any famous people from Slough that you would like to meet? Many are surprised that Slough has produced famous people. For some reason or another, this Berkshire town is often thought of as a back water to London. However, when it comes to famous people, Slough can stand on its own two feet.

Famous people from Slough include Cecil Aldin and Tracey Ullman. Let’s get closer acquainted with both of them.

Cecil Aldin – A much-loved painter, illustrator and artist

The much-loved landscape and animal painter Cecil Aldin was born in Slough in 1870. Cecil was fortunate enough to be born into a rather wealthy family. When he was one year old, Cecil moved to Kensington in London.

From an early age, Cecil was fascinated by dogs. The family had a large number of dogs and it was not long before Cecil started to paint them.

Cecil did not seem to have a lot of interest in academia. When he was 16 years old, he left school and started to paint. At the age of 17, he got his first commission. His remarkable talent was clear for all to see already at this young age. It was a talent the family wanted to nurture, and Cecil was sent to study art.

After his formal training, Cecil settled into a career of painting dogs and landscapes both home and abroad. A lot of his work is held in private collections, but there is the odd London gallery that houses a piece or two.

The comedian Tracey Ullman

Those who remember the 80’s will more than likely remember Tracey Ullman. She was born in Slough in 1959 and is today active in the United States.

During the 80’s, she enjoyed a brief singing career before switching to comedy. Soon after she moved on to comedy, she crossed the pond and settled in the United States to launch her own show. The Tracey Ullman show ran from 1987 to 1990 which makes it one of the longest running shows on American TV.

Today, Tracey still lives in the United States. She stars in and produces shows for American television and other media. Tracey has also made regular appearances in The Simpsons.

This little girl from Slough was the first British woman to be offered her own sketch show in the United States. Here was finally a Brit with a sense of humour an American audience could relate to. Since she first set foot in the United States, she has become one of their most popular comedy stars.

There is something “harmless” about Tracey. She is the sort of comedian we can all relate to on some level. If you would like to watch any of her work, you can check out YouTube or the HBO channel.

It is nice to think that two of Britain’s most loved and appreciated talents came from Slough. Many assume that London is the only place in the UK that can spawn talent. Slough born Cecil Aldin was certainly an extra-ordinary artist. Needless to say, many local folks from Slough are very proud that Tracey Ullman still calls Slough home.